NCE Yound Artist Competition

Award Recipients

Outstanding Young Artist Achievement Award

National Chamber Ensemble supports young talent and has created performance opportunities for outstanding young musicians since its inception in 2007. NCE is thrilled to hold an annual Outstanding Young Artist Achievement Award Competition. The winner of the auditions will be selected by a jury of distinguished musicians. The criteria for excellence is outstanding musicianship and playing ability. Details for the 2017 competition will be provided summer of 2017.


2017 Recipient: JUNLIANG LI, 15 years old

Junliang Li

Chopin Ballade No.3, Junliang Li (age 15) piano

2016 Recipient: BRANDON DU, 12 years old

Brandon Du

Sarasate Zigeunerweisen, Brandon Du violin

2015 Recipient: AVERY GAGLIANO, 13 years old

Avery Gagliano

Chopin Waltz in F Maj No. 3, Avery Gagliano piano