About our Mission

and Board of Directors


Our Mission

The Mission of the National Chamber Ensemble (NCE) is to entertain as well as provide opportunities to appreciate and enjoy the art of chamber music, bringing together performers, audiences and composers. The NCE produces high quality chamber music performances for the general public at a reasonable cost. Through our performances and commissions of original musical works we present a full range of chamber music repertoire from the classics to the contemporary. The most important goal of the NCE is to build a sense of closeness between performers and audience that enhances the feeling of community and a deeper musical experience.

Board of Directors

  • Philip Brown
  • Steve Fleshman
  • Carl Friedman
  • Michael Goldstein
  • Dr. Robert Jansen
  • Lucy Bowen McCauley
  • Harry Quiett
  • Leo Sushansky
  • David Wunderlich

Board of Directors Emeritus

  • Malcolm Bernhardt
  • Colette Brown
  • Michael Chase
  • Stephen Cranton
  • Mary Anne Swiger Ellifritz
  • Doree Huneven
  • David Keltner
  • Julie A'Hearn Lantz
  • Hannelore Meyer
  • Cynthia R. Plisch
  • Amy Reich
  • Pamela Rinehart
  • Allison Silberberg

Honorary Board

  • Cecilia Cassidy
  • Christine Curatolo
  • Frank J. Guzzetta
  • Daniel Heifetz
  • Paul Manville
  • Nancy Peery Marriott
  • Frances Norris
  • Allison Silberberg
  • Gerie Slattery
  • Arnold Steinhardt
  • Vera Danchenko-Stern
  • Helene Tartakowski
  • Nina Totenberg
  • Linda Jacobs Washington

Meet Leo Sushansky

NCE Violinist & Artistic Director

Violinist Leonid Sushansky has been acclaimed widely as a violin recitalist and has appeared as soloist with many prestigious orchestras worldwide. Mr Sushansky founded the National Chamber Ensemble over a decade ago and has fronted the organization as artistic director and violinist from that time. more...

  1. Artistic Director
  2. Virtuoso Violinist
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